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NT Fire Starters – Day 14: Matthew 10: 24-42

READ: Matthew 10:24–42

THINK: Be honest. Does following Jesus ever seem tougher than you can handle? Jesus never promised that you wouldn’t face spiritual attack, opposition and persecution. However, He is completely aware of what you are going through and promises that you don’t face these things on your own. You belong to God and are infinitely valuable to Him. That’s why He gives you the power of the Holy Spirit to guide and enable you to serve Him with ultimate effectiveness.

RESPOND: In what specific ways are you striving to be more like Jesus (v. 25)? Why do Christians sometimes behave in a way that expresses shame about their relationship with Jesus? What does the Bible teach about hell? (See 10:28 note.) Why do you not have to be afraid of what any person can do to you? (See 10:31 note.) What does this passage indicate about your value to God? What did Jesus mean when He said, “I did not come to bring peace” ? (See 10:34 note.) In what ways does Christ and His message bring contention and division among people? How can you ensure that your love for Jesus always exceeds your love for anyone or anything else?

PRAY: Thank Jesus for His great love. Ask Him to help your love for Him grow as you spend time in His Word. Pray for boldness to face persecution. Give thanks for the opportunity to grow in faith through times of opposition.

ACT: Think of one way to demonstrate Jesus’ character toward someone who has given you trouble in the past. If you recall a situation in which you were timid or even ashamed of your relationship with Jesus, make an effort to redeem that situation. Perhaps you can spark a conversation with someone who once intimidated you spiritually. Or maybe you can think of a project for a class in which you once backed down regarding your faith. Or be really bold and apologize to someone for being embarrassed about your faith in front of them. You might be surprised at what kind of a door this can open to share Christ. Also, do something to help a ministry leader.

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