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NT Fire Starters – Day 138: John 8:31-47

READ: John 8:31-47

THINK: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Most people in our society are familiar with that expression in one form or another. It’s one of the countless well-known phrases lifted from the pages of the Bible–though most people haven’t a clue what it really means. These are Jesus’ words, and He’s not just talking about philosophical truth, the idea of truth or freedom from ignorance. He’s talking about the ultimate truth revealed in God’s Word and embodied in the Person of Jesus himself. He is the truth that people must know in order to truly be free.

RESPOND: According to verse 31, what must you do to demonstrate that you are a true follower of Jesus? How can you know the truth? What kind of truth is Jesus talking about? (See 8:32 note.) How does the truth set people free? What are some things the Bible reveals about truth as it relates to Jesus and His message? (See 8:32 note.) Why didn’t many people recognize their need for the freedom Jesus spoke about (v. 33)? How are they like people today? In what ways does sin enslave people? (See 8:34 and 8:36 notes.) How can a person find freedom from sin? Why were the people who argued with Jesus so mistaken in their notion that they were children of God? How are they like many people today? How can we know if a person is truly a child of God? (See 8:42 note.) What’s the evidence that a person truly loves Jesus? Who does Jesus say that a person belongs to if he or she refuses to accept the truth about Jesus (v. 44)? What do we know about the devil from this passage? (See 8:44 note.) In what way does this challenge you regarding your attitude toward any form of deceit? What does a person do if he or she truly belongs to God (v. 47)?

PRAY: Ask Jesus for the discipline to live by the teaching in God’s Word. Thank Him for the freedom that comes from following Him. Pray that you’ll always demonstrate love for Him by obeying His Word and refusing to take part in deceit.

ACT: If you’ve not lived up to the truth of something God has specifically shown you in his Word, take immediate action to put His truth into practice. If you’ve lied or been deceitful in any way toward another person or situation, ask God to forgive you. Then make things right with any others who are involved by telling the truth.

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