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NT Fire Starters – Day 136: John 7:25-8:11

READ: John 7:25–8:11

THINK: How dependent are you on God? You may feel that you trust Him and you rely on Him when you face significant difficulties. But in your everyday life do you typically carry on as if you can make it without Him? Consider how completely Jesus depended on His Father for strength, guidance and encouragement. Are you following Jesus’ example so that God fulfills His purposes and impacts the world through your life?

RESPOND: Who is Jesus continually referring to as the One who sent Him (cf. 5:36-37; 6:38; 7:28, 33)? Why was Jesus so dependent on His Father? If Jesus–God in human form–needed to rely completely on His Father for strength and guidance, what does that mean for you? What was Jesus’ view of Scripture–God’s written Word–including both Old and New Testaments? (See 7:38 first note.) What did Jesus mean that “streams of living water will flow from within” those who truly believe in Him? (See 7:38 second note.) In what way was Jesus to be glorified, and how does that affect you? (See 7:39 note.) Why do very religious or very educated people often misunderstand or reject Jesus (cf. vv. 47-48)? What was the religious leaders’ motive in bringing the adulterous woman to Jesus? (See 8:7 note.) How did Jesus’ response deflect their deception? Did Jesus’ excuse or overlook the woman’s sin? Why or why not? What did Jesus’ response reveal about God’s character? What did Jesus offer the woman, and how does that relate to you? What do Jesus’ instructions to the woman–“Go now and leave your life of sin”–mean for all followers of Christ?

PRAY: Give God the Father thanks for sending Jesus to give His life for you and show you the way to true life. Thank Jesus for forgiving you and for giving you wisdom and strength to continually overcome sin as you rely on Him.

ACT: Be kind and encourage someone who is typically isolated or rejected by others because of their reputation, social status or lifestyle. Don’t condone bad behavior or let it influence you negatively. But let the person know, by your words and actions, that someone cares about them and is not out to judge them prematurely. If you get into a conversation, don’t hesitate to let the person know in some way that you are a follower of Jesus.

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