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NT Fire Starters – Day 132: John 6:1-24

READ: John 6:1-24

THINK: Do you believe in miracles? If you believe the Bible, it would be tough not to expect extraordinary activity to surround the lives of Jesus’ followers. Yet, when you read the Bible, do you ever wonder why we don’t often experience the same types of miracles today? Are people in less need? Does God not intend to work in the same ways He did when His church first started? Perhaps we have too many things figured out. If God doesn’t act as we expect, we simply follow another one of our options. But with what we know from God’s Word, He may expect us to get more involved in potential miracles. He’s not looking for a lot. He doesn’t expect us to have things figured out. A simple act of faith and dependence on Him may be all He’s waiting for. When we realize just how much God can do with so little, we’ll willingly place in God’s hands whatever we have so we can watch Him do amazing things with it.

RESPOND: In what way was Jesus testing Philip by asking where they could buy food for the crowd (vv. 5-6)? How would you have responded in that situation? How would you define a miracle? (See 6:2 note.) What purposes do miracles serve in God’s kingdom? What place should miracles have in the lives of Jesus’ followers today? Do you feel that miracles are filling the role God intends in and through the church today? Why or why not? What can you learn about miracles and the way God works from this passage? In what ways have you witnessed God doing a lot with a little? In what ways could you imagine God doing very much with very little in your life if you were willing to place what you have in His hands? Why would Jesus resist the people’s intentions to set Him up as their king (v. 15)? How could that action have interfered with God’s plan and Jesus’ real purpose?

PRAY: Ask Jesus to give you the faith to trust God for great things, regardless of what you have, feel or see.

ACT: Think of a situation in which you need a miracle or an definite answer from God. Is He telling you to do something specific or to contribute to the solution in some way? Whether or not it seems like your contribution or response will make a difference, follow God’s direction anyway. Do or give what you can, and trust God to take care of the rest.

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