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NT Fire Starters – Day 131: John 5:31-47

READ: John 5:31-47

THINK: Who are you trying to impress? Anyone? Everyone? Do you feel the need to gain approval from certain people in order to feel better about yourself and your accomplishments? Consider the fact that what typically impresses people is not at all what impresses God. For this reason, those who seek honor and approval from people will almost certainly not receive honor and approval from God. And His is the only approval that matters.

RESPOND: Who is John (vv. 33-35), who testified to the truth about Jesus and helped show the way to Jesus? (See 5:33 note.) Who and what provides an even greater testimony than John’s about the fact that Jesus was sent by God the Father (v. 36)? Can studying and knowing God’s Word give a person spiritual life? Why or why not? (See 5:39 note.) How could so many of the religious leaders of Jesus’ time study the Scriptures and still miss the truth about Him? In what ways do people–including Christians–seek and accept praise from others, yet miss honor from God? Why must Jesus’ followers not be motivated by other people’s praise or approval? (See 5:44 note.) What are some of the dangers of desiring or accepting praise from others? In what way does Jesus confirm the truth and validity of Old Testament in this passage? (See 5:47 note.) Why is this important and how should it affect your view of the entire Bible?

PRAY: Ask Jesus to help you resist the desire for praise and approval from others. Instead, pray that you will always live in a way that honors God and is honored by Him. Also, ask Jesus to help you understand the vital historical and spiritual connection between the Bible’s Old and New Testaments.

ACT: Be conscious throughout the day of anything you might tend to do to impress others or to get their attention. Instead of being concerned with others perceptions and approval, handle each of these situations in a way that will please and honor God, providing others with a good example of Jesus’ character.

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