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NT Fire Starters – Day 129: John 4:27-54

READ: John 4:27-54

THINK: How are you at getting into conversations about spiritual issues? Can you relate to people who are very different from you? Do you willingly talk about the good things God has done in your life? These are some key questions to consider if you hope to influence others to follow Jesus. You don’t have to have an extremely outgoing personality to reach people for Christ, but you must be willing to take the initiative and step outside of your comfort zone. As you trust God, He will guide your words and efforts. He may even use you to influence an entire community for Him.

RESPOND: Why were Jesus’ disciples surprised to find Him talking to the woman? (See 4:27 note.) What did Jesus mean when He said, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about”? What did Jesus mean when He said that the fields are ripe for harvest? What does that mean to you personally? In what ways can you make an eternal impact on others? When God allows you to influence others for Him, what should be your attitude and why? (See 4:36 note.) Why should you not become discouraged if you don’t see immediate results from your spiritual labors? What does it mean that “One sows and another reaps”? In what ways might you reap the spiritual benefits of others’ hard work (v. 38)? What happened as a result of the Samaritan woman’s testimony about Jesus (v. 39)? In what way should followers of Jesus learn from her example? What are “signs and wonders” as described in the Bible, and what are their purpose? (See 4:48 note.) When believing God for a miracle, what should be the focus of your faith?

PRAY: Ask Jesus to give you an eagerness to spread His message and to tell others what He’s done for you. Thank Him for the privilege of being part of the process of leading others to Him.

ACT: Reach out to someone with whom you might not typically associate and simply start a conversation. Focus on developing a friendship and trust God to help you influence this person for Him. Also, consider starting or becoming part of a Bible or prayer group at school or work. If you’re already involved in a group, encourage it’s members to talk more openly with others about the good things God does for them. Then watch your group’s influence spread.

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