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NT Fire Starters – Day 127: John 3:22-36

READ: John 3:22-36

THINK: It seems that most people try to get more out of life by investing more in themselves. Self-esteem, self-improvement, self-awareness, self-confidence–perhaps all well-intended concepts, but too much of this sort of focus and a person easily becomes self-centered. Of course, you should always strive to do and be your best, but that’s only possible when you focus less on yourself and more on Jesus. It may not make sense in worldly terms, but with God, less is more. When your life becomes less about you and more about Jesus, that’s when you start becoming all you can be–all you were created to be.

RESPOND: In what ways is John the Baptist’s attitude toward Jesus (cf. vv. 27-30) an example for all followers of Jesus? Looking at your own life, in what ways must Jesus become greater and you become less (cf. v. 30)? In what ways do people refuse to accept Jesus’ testimony (v. 32) and why? To whom did God give the Spirit without limit? (See 3:34 note.) How was that evident in Jesus’ life? In what way has God the Father placed everything in His Son’s hands? How and why do people reject Jesus? (See 3:36 note.) What does it mean that such people will not see life and why? In what ways must you be careful not to disregard Jesus or fail to submit to Him? In what specific area of life do you need to submit to Jesus and obey Him more fully? What specific action can you take to ensure this?

PRAY: Ask Jesus to help you focus less on yourself so that He will show through you in greater ways. Praise Jesus for His authority over all things. Pray that you will always remain submissive to God and obedient to His Word.

ACT: Ask God to expose an area or two in your life where there is too much of yourself and not enough of Him. Perhaps you are already well aware of these areas and tendencies. Take deliberate steps to humble yourself and submit to God’s guidance and control in these areas. Find ways to draw attention away from yourself and your own desires and plans, and instead bring honor and positive attention to God.

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