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NT Fire Starters – Day 126: John 3:1-21

READ: John 3:1-21

THINK: If there is one thing that God aims to convey through the entirety of His Word, it’s the fact that He loves you and want’s to have a personal relationship with you. He even sent His Son, who sacrificed His own life to make that relationship possible. Receiving that relationship is a person’s only hope of reclaiming his or her purpose in life and avoiding the permanent consequences of defying God. Yet, amazingly, most people in the world refuse God’s invitation to eternal life, choosing instead to go their own way down a dead end path of spiritual darkness. But if you confess your sins, accept God’s offer and entrust your life to Jesus, you will find forgiveness, fulfillment and life forever with Him.

RESPOND: What does it mean to be “born again”? (See article on Regeneration: Spiritual Birth and Renewal, p. 1454.) What’s the significance of being “born of the Spirit”? (See 3:5 note.) How does the illustration of wind (v. 8) relate to those who are “born of the Spirit”? (See 3:8 note.) What does it mean that Jesus would be “lifted up,” and how does that provide eternal life? (See 3:14 note.) What motivated God to create a plan to save people from the destruction of their own way? How did God demonstrate His great love for us? (See 3:16 note.) What does it mean to truly “believe” in Jesus? In what way are people already condemned if they refuse to believe in and accept Christ (v. 18)? What does it mean that people “loved darkness instead of light”? (See 3:19 note.) What evidence do you see of people choosing to live in darkness (cf. v. 20)? Why do those who live by the truth come out into the light (v. 21)? What evidence is there of what God has done in your life?

PRAY: Express your gratitude to God for His great love in sending Jesus. Thank Jesus for saving you from the consequences of sin and providing a way for you to be spiritually born again into a personal relationship with God. Pray that your faith would continue to be strong and active as you aim to serve His purposes for your life.

ACT: Stand outside somewhere so you can feel and observe the effects of the wind. Though you can’t necessarily see the wind itself, you notice it’s activity and perhaps even hear its sound. Consider how this illustrates the way the Holy Spirit’s activity should be evident in your life. Now, go through the day with an intense awareness of how your faith and the power of the Holy Spirit is–or is not–apparent to those around you in your attitudes, words and actions.

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