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NT Fire Starters – Day 125: John 2:1-25

READ: John 2:1-25

THINK: The Bible is completely true and trustworthy, yet not everything in it is easy take. The Word contains many tough challenges. But some Biblical accounts are difficult to deal with because they seem out of character. Perhaps they don’t fit our perceptions of God. Certain issues may come across more harsh, or more lenient, than we’d like. Some things are clearly black and white–right or wrong. Others seem to be shades of gray–open to personal interpretation and potential misunderstanding. This passage hits a couple unique issues. In one instance, Jesus expresses unbridled anger–for completely justifiable reasons. Then there is Jesus’ first miracle. Not only does turning water into wine for a wedding seem like a less-than-urgent need, it also raises speculation about whether the wine was potentially intoxicating. Regardless of whether we understand everything in the Bible, God’s Word is always consistent with His character and purposes, and He will help us understand and relate it to our lives as we sincerely aim to honor Him.

RESPOND: What are some of the debates and difficulties concerning people’s views of the type of wine Jesus created at the wedding? (See 2:3 note.) What problems could be associated with a view that Jesus created alcoholic wine? Why is it more likely that the “choice wine” He made was not fermented (i.e., non-alcoholic)? (See 2:10 notes.) What are the seven main “signs” highlighted in the book of John, pointing to Jesus as God’s Son? (See 2:11 note.) Why was Jesus justifiably angry at those doing business in the temple area? What does this reveal about Jesus passions and priorities? What does it mean that Jesus would “not entrust himself” to many who believed His miracles? Why would He not do so?

PRAY: Ask God to give you a deeper passion for times of worship and prayer in His house. Thank Jesus for making you worthy of His trust and for entrusting himself to you as you continue to demonstrate true faith in Him.

ACT: The issue of alcoholic beverages presents significant problems in many cultures. Having always known this potential, God frequently addresses in His Word the issues of drinking and drunkenness. Many people use the Bible’s references to wine to justify their own views on drinking alcohol. But since there is much debate and speculation among Christians regarding what the Bible says about wine and drinking, it would be worth your while to consider the views, facts and information presented in the articles on Wine in New testament Times, p. 14, and Wine in the Old Testament, p. 832.

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