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NT Fire Starters – Day 122: Luke 24:36-53

READ: Luke 24:36-53

THINK: Remember when you were really young and couldn’t wait for the day when people would let loose and start trusting you with greater privileges and responsibilities? Perhaps you still feel that way. Regardless, there is One who is ready to entrust you right now with the highest privilege and greatest responsibility. The God and Creator of all things has a mission for you–one of adventure and eternal significance. You’re never too young to embark on that mission. Are you up to the challenge? You won’t be on your own; He will guide, equip and empower you to accomplish His plans. So if you’re ready to accept God’s mission, He’s ready to turn you loose.

RESPOND: Why do you think the disciples were frightened at the sight of Jesus? How do you think you would have felt under the circumstances? Why do you think the disciples had to actually see Jesus and be reminded of prophecies about Him before they were willing to believe? Do you think you would have required more or less proof, and why? Why do you think that up to this point the disciples’ minds had not been opened to understand the Scriptures (v. 45)? What must a person do to receive forgiveness from God? (See 24:47 first note.) What’s the mission to which Christ calls His followers? (See 24:47 second note.) What’s the primary message they are to deliver? Where are they to start? Why is it important to start fulfilling Jesus’ instructions right where you are now? What was the Father’s promise that Jesus spoke about and what would it provide for His followers? (See 24: note.) Why was this so important? What’s the significance of God’s or Jesus’ blessing on His followers? (See 24:50 note.)

PRAY: Ask Jesus to open your mind so you can understand His Word in a deeper way. Commit to always taking God at His Word and to putting His Word into practice. Ask Jesus to give you the boldness to deliver His message as you rely on the power of the Holy Spirit.

ACT: Take your Fire Bible with you. As you have time throughout the day, read or re-read the articles on Campus Missions Commitment to Tell, p. 1859, and Campus Missions Commitment to Give, p. 1676. Also refer to the Campus Missions Helps section (pp. 2275-2294) to check out the practical training items related to these topics. Then, put what you learn into action so you can help fulfill your role in the mission Jesus gave His followers before leaving earth.

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