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NT Fire Starters – Day 120: Luke 23:50-24:12

READ: Luke 23:50–24:12

THINK: The miracle of the Resurrection is unique to the Christian faith. No other world religion dares to claim that it’s leader rose from the dead–after voluntarily laying down His life. Many consider this claim so outrageous that they refuse to believe. But the facts defy skepticism. In reality, Jesus’ resurrection is among the most historically verified events in history. For those who consider the facts and choose to put their faith in Christ, His resurrection is their source of inspiration, power and hope–both now and for the life to come. Apart from Jesus’ resurrection, Christianity would be just another hollow belief. But because Jesus is alive, it’s a life-transforming experience with eternal benefits.

RESPOND: Why did the women follow Joseph as he who took Jesus’ body to the tomb? What does this passage indicate about the women’s devotion to Jesus? Why do you think that the women–and the rest of Jesus followers– did not remember Jesus’ prediction of His resurrection until after it had taken place–and even then they didn’t accept it right away (cf. vv. 6-8, 11)? What facts confirm Jesus’ resurrection? (See 24:46 note.) How do we know that Jesus’ enemies would not have taken His body? How do we know that Jesus’ followers did not take the body? In what way are the lives of those who follow Jesus today a testimony of the reality of Jesus’ resurrection? In what way does the empowering of Jesus’ followers by the Holy Spirit–starting on the day of Pentecost–confirm the fact of Jesus’ resurrection? (See 24:6 note, point 4.) How does Jesus’ resurrection continually give hope?

PRAY: Give Jesus thanks for His resurrection and the life, hope and power it provides for those who put faith in Him.

ACT: Take time to review the points in the 24:6 note regarding Jesus’ resurrection. If you have time, research and investigate some other reliable ministry resources highlighting historical facts that back the Biblical account of Jesus’ resurrection. These facts can encourage your faith and may provide you with some talking points if you ever need to discuss or debate with anyone the reality of Jesus’ resurrection.

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