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NT Fire Starters – Day 12: Matthew 9:18-38

READ: Matthew 9:18-38

THINK: Do you need a miracle or know anyone who does? Jesus’ healing power is not limited by a person’s condition or circumstances, or by people’s reactions or expectations. He responds to humble faith and He works out of compassion for individuals, not a need for attention. How much do you trust Jesus when you or those close to you need healing? Keep in mind that trust does not rely on what you think will happen; instead, it leaves the situation in God hands, regardless of what the outcome appears to be.

RESPOND: What is your first response when facing illness in your own life or those close to you? Does this response indicate faith in God? Why or why not? Why do you think Jesus told the crowd to leave the house (v. 24)? Why do you think He asked the formerly blind men not to talk about what happened (v. 30)? What do you think was Jesus’ main motivation for performing these miracles? What does Jesus mean when He says, “The harvest is plentiful…”? (See 9:37 note.) What evidence do you see that people are spiritually lost and helpless? What evidence do you see that they are spiritually ripe to receive Christ? How should you respond to these spiritual realties? (See 9:38 note.)

PRAY: Pray for several people you know who need miracles. Follow Jesus’ instruction (v. 38) and ask God to send more workers into the spiritual harvest. Make yourself available as part of the answer to that prayer.

ACT: Pay particular attention to the individuals and crowds around you today. Try to view them with Christ’s compassion–as people who are lost and looking for direction that only He can give. Pray silently for the people you encounter throughout the day, asking God to send people their way who can influence them to trust Christ. Trust God for the opportunity to talk about spiritual issues with someone who does not yet know Jesus.

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