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NT Fire Starters – Day 116: Luke 22:1-38

READ: Luke 22:1-38

THINK: Have you ever signed a contract? You will when you buy a new car or house. A contract is a legal agreement with another party, outlining specific benefits, obligations and potential penalties for both sides. To initiate the contract, you put up payment or collateral–something of value to guarantee your side of the deal. A covenant is similar to a contract, but more than a legal agreement, it’s a “life agreement” in which two parties pledge themselves to each other. God has established a covenant with you, pledging His love, loyalty and life. His Son, Jesus, has even covered your payment, sealing the covenant with His own life’s blood. That was the price of entering a relationship with God. If you accept the terms of this covenant, entrusting your life to Jesus, you receive the benefits of forgiveness and eternal life with Him.

RESPOND: Why do you think Judas was willing to betray Jesus? (See 22:3 note.) In what ways is Judas’ example a caution to all Christians? What’s the significance and symbolism of “the cup” and the bread at Jesus’ last supper (vv. 19-20)? Why do we continue to observe this supper (v. 19)? What is the “new covenant” Jesus established with us? (See 22:20 note.) How did Jesus initiate that covenant, and what is the significance of His blood? What do you think prompted the disciples discussion about who was the greatest? What constitutes greatness in God’s view? (See 22:24-30) In what disciplines does God expect you to excel? In what ways is Jesus’ model of leadership different from the world’s ideals? (See 22:27 note.) How does Peter’s failure example challenge you? (See 22:31-32 note.) What might Jesus have been implying when He mentioned buying a sword? (See 22:36 note.)

PRAY: Pray that you never become disillusioned or self-confident to the point of turning your back on Jesus. Pray instead to remain humble and willing to serve, following Jesus’ example and showing others what it means to know Him.

ACT: Do something today to serve an individual or group over whom you might normally have status, position or leadership. For example, you might help a teammate who looks up to you with a particular skill. Perhaps you could assist a person who is new on the job with a difficult task. Or you could do something special for a youth ministry team in which you have a leadership role. You could even do a household chore for one of your siblings.

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