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NT Fire Starters – Day 115: Luke 21:5-38

READ: Luke 21:5-38

THINK: Things aren’t made to last. In fact, most products are manufactured with some degree of “planned obsolescence,” which means they’re expected to wear out–and are built to do so–after a period of time. That way, manufactures are assured of selling more parts and products in the long run. Just look through all your old stuff and see what’s become of things you once had to have and couldn’t live without. That will serve as an object lesson that nothing endures forever. Nothing, that is, except for the truth and reality of God’s Word (v. 33)–the only thing worth staking your life on.

RESPOND: Why shouldn’t you stake your hope and affections on earthly things? What future event did Jesus link to Jerusalem’s destruction? (See 21:7-19 and 21:20 notes.) What are some signs of the end times? How and why will people be easily deceived? Though many of the signs and events described in this passage relate to the tribulation period (after Jesus takes His church from the world), which ones do you see already? How can persecution provide opportunities to honor God (cf. v. 13)? Why don’t God’s people have to worry about how to defend themselves against accusations (v. 15)? Does Jesus guarantee that His followers won’t face physical harm or persecution for their faith in Him? Why or why not? (See 21:16 and 21:18 note.) What kinds of disciplines will help you stand firm in devotion to Jesus? (See 21:19 note.) What does this passage say about the truth and endurance of God’s Word (v. 33)? Why and how must God’s people remain alert and on guard in the last days? (See 21:31 and 21:26 notes.)

PRAY: Pray that you’ll not become distracted from devotion to God by earthly concerns and that you’ll be alert to the signs around you, which indicate that Christ’s coming is near. Ask God to give you discernment regarding what’s right and true so that you will not fall for deceptive ideas and teaching.

ACT: Look through a newspaper, magazine or online news source (as you may have done for yesterday’s reading). Notice issues and events that fit the general description of end-time occurrences. Then, look further to see if you can detect any information or ideas that are deceptive or contradictory compared to Biblical truth.

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