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NT Fire Starters – Day 11: Matthew 8:29- 9:17

READ: Matthew 8:29-9:17

THINK: Are you up for an adventure? How bold are you when it comes to your faith? Do you dare to trust God beyond what is obvious or convenient? And do the people you hang out with encourage your faith in this respect? That doesn’t mean just being with Christians. But do you spend too much time with people who don’t think they need God and not enough time with people who would probably admit that they need His help? And when you are with Christians, how much of an effort do you make to bring other friends to Christ so He can help and heal them?

RESPOND: Why do you think the people of the Gadarenes pleaded with Jesus to leave them after an obvious miracle? (See 8:34 note.) How can following Jesus and experiencing His power disrupt and inconvenience your life? In what ways are you allowing God to push you beyond your comfort zone in respect to your spiritual growth and service? Whom do you know that needs to experience Jesus’ help and forgiveness and is probably ready to receive His help? What could you do or say to reach out and let that person know that Jesus can help them?

PRAY: Ask God to take you beyond your comfort zone and help you reach the people around you who are in desperate need of a relationship with Jesus. Pray that God will give you boldness and creativity in building relationships and leading others to a point where they can see their need for Jesus.

ACT: Spend time today with people outside of your typical circle of friends-people who seem to realize they are missing something in life and may be open to Christ. Whether or not you have an opportunity to talk about spiritual matters, make a new acquaintance. When you spend time with Christian friends, talk about a mutual acquaintance who does not know Jesus. Strategize how you could work together to introduce this person to Jesus. Perhaps you could invite him or her to join you at a youth group event.

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