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NT Fire Starters – Day 105: Luke 14:25-15:10

READ: Luke 14:25–15:10

THINK: While Jesus was on earth, a lot of people followed Him at one time or another. They followed Him from place to place. They followed to see what He would do next. They followed because they enjoyed listening to him and because of what they felt He could do for them. In a way, following Jesus was a popular thing to do–for a while. But when things got tough and His challenges a little too intense, the crowds dwindled. It became apparent that being a true disciple–a disciplined learner and devoted follower–of Christ involved more than most were prepared to deal with. But those who were willing to put everything else aside to stick with Jesus, found their reward in the opportunity to become more like their Leader.

RESPOND: What did Jesus mean when He said that anyone who would follow Him must “hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters–yes, even his own life” (v. 26, see note)? What does this passage reveal about the personal demands of discipleship? (See 14:28-33 note.) In what ways must you count the cost if you want to be Jesus’ disciple? What do the parables about the lost sheep and lost coin illustrate about God’s priorities and the purpose of Jesus’ earthly mission? (See 15:4 note.) What does this say about the value of life and spiritual salvation? (See 15:7 note.) How does this passage challenge you regarding spiritually lost people?

PRAY: Pray that no interest, activity or relationship in your life will compare to your love and devotion to Christ. Commit to God all of your relationships, possessions, plans and desires so that He can do as He chooses with these things and so He can use you for the purpose for which He created you.

ACT: In your spare time today, read the articles on Campus Missions Commitment to Live, p. 1776, and Campus Missions Commitment to Tell, p. 1859. Then check out the practical items related to “LIVE” and “TELL” in the Campus Missions Training Helps section on pp. 2282-2294. Put the principles and strategies you learn into practice.

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