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Day 146: A Helper

Author: Debbie Russell

Today’s Scripture: John 14:16

Central Thought: The Holy Spirit will help us in every area of life.

John 14:16 is such good news. Jesus was talking with those closest to him and telling them that he was going to go away but when he did the Holy Spirit would come to them and dwell with them and be in them.

One meaning of the word helper is one who assists another. The Holy Spirit will be our helper in everything we need to do. If we ask for His help in everyday tasks such as baking a cake, He will help us. He will also help us in the big things we face.

If you are asked to move the piano at your church, it might be a hard thing for you to do alone. But if you ask a friend to help you, both of you together can do it. Will you allow the Holy Spirit to help you?

Devotional Prayer: Father, I come to You in Jesus Name thanking You for sending the Holy Spirit to us. Help me to allow His help. I know that when I do, my life will run smoother and be richer.

Today’s Bible Reading: 2 Samuel 7:1-8:18; John 14:15-31; Psalm 119: 33-48; Proverbs 15:33

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