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Day 177: In Need of Rescue

Author: Don Bailey

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 143:1-12

Central Thought: God can help us in the most difficult of situations.

David understood trouble. He fled for his life on several occasions, sometimes coming very close to death. Saul sent his army to catch and kill David. And then later when Absalom attempted to overthrow the kingdom, he tried to kill David. During these times David pleaded with God to deliver him from his would-be destroyers.

Reading Psalms such as these gives encouragement to Christians everywhere who face times of severe oppression. Believers have often taken comfort from David’s faith and utter dependency on God during the tough times. Readings from the Psalms and other books in the Bible that record David’s deliverance by God, have given many confidence to trust in God for help.

We may face difficult times at any point in life. When those times come, we also need to know that we can place our complete trust in God to give us the help we need. We can gain the confidence we need to trust the Lord through studying about His faithfulness to people like David, and by listening to the testimony of other believers. God wants us to trust in His power to rescue us.

Devotional Prayer: Thank You for Your help in time of trouble.

Today’s Bible Reading: 2 Kings 8:1-9:13; Acts 16:16-40; Psalm 143:1-12; Proverbs 17:26

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