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Day 52: Dynamite Power!

Author: Pastor Larry & Pat Downing

I was tuned in to the History Channel on TV, watching a program about one of the greatest human feats in history: the building of the Panama Canal. “Wow,” I thought, “what would they have done without dynamite?” Maybe the project would have been accomplished, but it would have taken so much more time. I thought of the many access tunnels that have been dug through mountains, blasting holes through bedrock to get to the source of water or oil, removing the side of a mountain to get to gold or diamonds––all with the use of dynamite!

In Acts 1:8 Jesus said, “You shall receive dynamos/dynamite after that the Holy Spirit comes upon you.” Why dynamite? Maybe because He knew that the Church would need “dynamite” from time to time: to blast through spiritual mountains of resistance so we could spread the Gospel, to blast through other spiritual structures so the Holy Spirit could ow, or to remove any other kind of obstacle that would try to hold back the blessings of God.
Today, in this world fraught with mountains of resistance, we need divine dynamite more than ever! We need Holy Spirit power to accomplish greater things for God and to get to the untapped resources for His Kingdom work. O God, send us the Power!

What is the Holy Spirit saying to me?


• Receive the deposit of Spirit-power God has for you today. Open your heart and let him fill you with dynamite that will attend the works of the enemy!

• Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in meditating on His wonderful works. Let your mind see what the Spirit is saying. Pray for Spirit–led visions of His power at work in you and through you.

• Locate any blockages in your life where the enemy is resisting God’s work, and let the explosive power of the Holy Spirit blow up the blockades! Listen as the Spirit leads you to pray, and say what He is saying.


Acts 4:33; Colossians 1:10–12

Pastor Larry & Pat Downing
Foothills Community Church
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