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Day 42: To the Ends of the Earth

Author: Pastor Larry & Pat Downing

I will never forget that evening meeting in the town hall of Suva, the capital of the Fiji Islands. Tears were running down my cheeks as I listened to the Melanesian- style worship coming from the platform. People had come from all over the island to hear “the man from Jerusalem” speak. Standing there I was reminded of what my travel agent back in Jerusalem had told me when she booked my flight. “I can take you back through Los Angeles or through Sydney—it’s practically the same distance,” she said. Suddenly it dawned on me: from Jerusalem’s perspective, I had traveled literally to the ends of the earth!

The island of Fiji was once a cannibal island, and the first missionary to arrive there was murdered. Today, the island has been transformed by the power of the Gospel, large parts of the Melanesian population have been saved, and many have been empowered by the Holy Spirit. The gospel of Jesus Christ has reached the ends of the earth!

Today an unprecedented revival is covering more and more parts of our planet and a historic end-time harvest is being brought in. The prophet Joel saw God’s Spirit being poured out on all flesh. That means there is hope for every region of the world. Even the most difficult and unlikely places of the world, be it in Europe or in the Middle East, will see a move of the Spirit of God and no one will be able to stop it! What a hope that is! Wherever you are and whatever your circumstance may be, God can reach you. If He can reach the ends of the world, His Spirit can reach you right where you are. Open your heart today and let Him come in and make you anew!

What is the Holy Spirit saying to me?


• Open your heart to the Person and work of the Holy Spirit again and ask for a fresh baptism in Him.

• Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in praying for His move in different parts of the world.

• Ask the Holy Spirit what He wants to say about the circumstances that are heavy on your heart today, and receive His breath, life and guidance.


Joel 2:12–32; Acts 9:31; Romans 5:1–5

Pastor Larry & Pat Downing
Foothills Community Church
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Scripture verses from KJV or NIV unless specified

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