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Day 35: I’m Overwhelmed

Author: Pastor Larry & Pat Downing


1. Cast your cares upon God. He will care for you. How? Be honest. Tell Him what’s wrong. Ask Him to carry it for you and believe He will. Remember, after you give Him your cares, don’t run to pick them back up. Trust Jesus to carry the load for you.

2. See yourself attached, or yoked, to God. He holds you up and pulls you up when you are weak and overwhelmed. You are one with Him. When you feel weak and burdened, remember that He is carrying you.

3. Begin to believe that you can handle anything. Start believing this today. Mark 9:23 says, “All things are possible for those who believe.”

4. Feast on this thought: nothing is too difficult for God. If nothing is too difficult for Him, and He lives in you, then nothing is too difficult for you. You will make it!

5. God will complete those things that concern you. As you surrender those concerns to God, they become His responsibility. He will complete, fulfill, perfect, and bring those things to pass. He will lift your burden and finish what He started in your life.


I can handle anything today, because I am yoked to Jesus. Today I refuse to be overwhelmed. I cast all my cares on Jesus. He cares for me and will carry my load.

Nothing is too difficult for God. Therefore, I declare that nothing is too difficult for me today! He is the author and finisher of my faith, in Jesus’ Name!

Pastor Larry & Pat Downing
Foothills Community Church
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Scripture verses from KJV or NIV unless specified

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