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Faith Walk: Why

Author: Dr. George Flattery

In the Old Testament, Job asked the question, “why” over 25 times.

“Why is this happening to me, God? Where are you God? God, I do not think you know the frustration I feel right now. I do not think you know how badly the situation is.” Rather than answering the “why” question, God gave Job an even greater response, the response of His presence. In the midst of God’s silence, we can know that He is always with us. Psalms 16:11 tells us, “In His presence is fullness of joy.” Henri Nouwen writes, “Our glory is hidden in our pain, if we allow God to bring the gift of himself in our experience of it.”

Daily encouragements reminding us how to continually walk in faith. Taken from Dr. George Flattery's Facebook devotional series.

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