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Faith Walk: Love People and Pray

Author: Dr. George Flattery

A lot of worry, fear and anxiety would be eliminated in our lives if we would realize that we cannot change anybody.

We sometimes think that if we are just smart and manipulative enough that we can force people to change the way they think and act. In reality, only God can change and transform those around us. Our role is not to change people, our role is to love people and pray that the Holy Spirit intervene in their lives. We vastly underestimate what the Holy Spirit can do in changing those whom we love (or do not love). Let us also remember that we cannot change others when we have a hard time changing ourselves. Perhaps our most important prayer that we can pray today is, “Lord, change me.”

Daily encouragements reminding us how to continually walk in faith. Taken from Dr. George Flattery's Facebook devotional series.

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