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Faith Walk: Forgive Yourself

Author: Dr. George Flattery

There are days when we are harder on ourselves than God is.

We find it more difficult to forgive ourselves than to forgive others. Whether it be something we said or did, we just cannot seem to let it go and we find ourselves living in an emotional prison of self-imposed pain. We can forgive ourselves by remembering that we are not perfect, that we can give ourselves grace, that we are still learning, that we are on a journey. We can forgive ourselves by remembering that God not only wants to forgive us of our sins but also the guilt of our sin! When we forgive ourselves, we do not change the past, but we do change our present and our future. Let us learn from our mistakes and move on.

Daily encouragements reminding us how to continually walk in faith. Taken from Dr. George Flattery's Facebook devotional series.

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