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NT Fire Starters – Day 1: Matthew 1:1-25

READ: Matthew 1:1-25

THINK: Do you ever feel that because of your past failures or what you’ve been through that God could never use you for a great purpose? Jesus came to earth to relate to your pain so that you could relate to His purposes. Look back at the Old Testament passages that highlight the lives of Jesus’ ancestors (see center column cross-references). You’ll find that many of these individuals have major failures in their past (e.g., Judah, Rahab, Manasseh). In a way, they represent the variety of people who put their faith in God and become part of his family. (See 1:1-16, note.)

RESPOND: What does the title “Christ” refer to when connected to Jesus? (See 1:1 note.) What does it mean that Jesus was the “son of David”? (See 1:1 second note.) Why did Matthew list Jesus’ ancestors in this way? (See 1:1-16 note.) Considering the variety of people in Jesus’ family line, what does this tell you about God and the people He can use to serve His highest purposes? How can this provide comfort and encouragement to you? How can it motivate you to reach out to others who may seem far from God? What does the name Jesus mean and what is its significance in relation to Christ? (See 1:21 note.) What is the significance of Jesus being born of a virgin? (See 1:23 note.) Why did Jesus have to live and suffer as a human, and how does that relate to you?

PRAY: Give God thanks for His forgiveness and for the fact that the hurts and failures of your past do not have to stand in the way of God’s ultimate plans for your life. If there is anything that is hindering your personal relationship with Jesus, confess it to Him and submit to His purposes.

ACT: Demonstrate God’s love through an act of kindness or word of encouragement to someone who may seem spiritually distant or “unreachable.” Perhaps you know of someone who is struggling with something that God has helped you through in the past. Pray for that individual and do something practical to help them. If you have the opportunity, let the person know that God loves them and you are praying that they discover God’s plan for their life.

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