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Day 224: When God Calls, He Enables

Author: Nancy A. Stevens

Today’s Scripture: Nehemiah 1:1–3:14

Central Thought: If God asks us to do something, He will provide what we need and enable us to do it.

When Nehemiah heard that the Jewish exiles who had returned to Jerusalem were in ‘great trouble and disgrace” and that Jerusalem’s wall had been broken down and its gates burned with fire, he immediately fasted and prayed (Nehemiah 1:3-4). He wanted to return to Jerusalem to help the exiles rebuild, so he asked God to give him favor with King Artaxerxes.

When Nehemiah went before the king, God’s gracious hand was upon him, and the king granted his request (2:8). Upon his arrival in Jerusalem, Nehemiah surveyed the ruins and assessed the situation before he spoke to anyone. Then he led the people in rebuilding the city’s wall.

When we see a need and God impresses us to take a leadership role, do we decline because we don’t feel qualified to be a leader, or do we ask God to show us the steps we should take? Nehemiah could have stayed in Babylon and continued serving the king as his cupbearer. Instead, he stepped out in faith, knowing that God was guiding him.

When God calls us to do something, He will always equip us to do it and will bring others alongside to help us. Our obedience will bless not only us, but also those who assist us.

Devotional Prayer: Father, when You impress us to do something, please help us to remember that You will supply whatever we need to accomplish Your will, including the courage to obey.

Today’s Bible Reading: Nehemiah 1:1-3:14; 1 Corinthians 7:1-24; Psalm 31:19-24; Proverbs 21:4

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