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Depression (Easy English)

Author: The Journey Online Team

Sometimes bad things happen to you and you feel sad. Some people feel so sad that they lose hope. They lose their love for life. They cannot feel joy. They cannot be happy. They are so sad, they feel nothing. They feel empty. They do not care about life. There is a word for this. The word is “depression.”

The Bible tells a story about a man who lost his feelings for life. His name was Elijah. I tell you this story so you will move from no feelings to life.

Elijah was a man who loved God. He taught others about the truth of God. One day, he met with men who taught lies about God. They had a contest to see if God would answer their prayers. The men who taught lies about God shouted with loud voices. They cut themselves with knives. But, God did not answer them. Elijah prayed to God. God answered his prayer. The people saw that Elijah was teaching truth. The people were happy. The king became angry. He did not like Elijah. He sent his soldiers to kill Elijah.

Elijah knew the king wanted to kill him. Elijah ran away. Elijah ran and ran and ran. He was very tired. He did not eat. He did not drink. He was so tired that he stopped running. He was so sad that he lost his joy. He felt empty. He did not care about life. He wanted to kill himself.

You may have no feeling in your heart. You may want to hurt yourself. You must not hurt yourself. There is hope. You can feel alive again.

Elijah did not hurt himself. He prayed. He asked God to help him. God sent an angel to give Elijah food and water. God gave Elijah good feelings. God gave him life. God sees you. God loves you. Do what Elijah did. Turn to God. Ask God to help you. Give God control of your heart and mind. He will give you good feelings. God will talk with you. You will feel good again.

God the Father wants you to do what He tells you to do. When you do not do what He tells you to do then it is called, “sin.” Sin will lead you to death. God the Father does not want you to die. He sent Jesus Christ, God’s son, to die in your place. Jesus Christ died so you will not have to die for your sins. He wants you to love God the Father. Jesus wants you to accept His gift of life. He wants you to give all your heart and mind to God the Father. If you do this then you will care about life. You will find God’s love.

Pray with me if you want to move from no feeling to life.

“Dear Jesus, I want to care about life. Please take away my empty feelings. I give you control of my heart and mind. Please fill my heart with your love. Please give me life. Thank You. Amen.”

Fight Depression!

You can move from no feeling to life…

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