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Creationism vs. Evolution Viewpoints

Author: Ethan Flattery

Since the beginning of history, mankind has struggled with the question of ‘how did the world begin’.

The differences in beliefs around the world led to different religions and thoughts. Two of the main explanations, as to how the earth came into being today, are the theory of evolution and the theory of creationism. Each side has had brilliant leaders and philosophers on its side, but the debate still rages on. One thing that both of these sides have in common is that they recognize the importance and the effect the answer to this question has on human life today.

Creation Theory

The creation theory is found in the Bible, as early as its first verse, Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (NIV). Creationism cites this verse as evidence and claims that the world was created by God. Creationism does not necessarily state whether or not God made everything in a literal six days, as is described in the bible. As the creation account in Genesis is stated, each day God created different parts of the earth. Some people choose to take this language figuratively, and not literally. Opinions on this range from each day being literal, to the idea that some choose to line up with contemporary scientific thought about the earth being billions of years old. Those who try to make that specific scientific claim line up with their creation theory, that each day would have taken millions of years.

While there are countless theories as to how the earth came to being, Creationist Russ Miller shares his take on it all, “’You don’t have to believe anything I tell you. All I ask is that you look at what I show and weigh it against anything that has you believing in anything other than what the Bible says.’ For anyone who does so, it is, as Russ says, a ‘no brainer.’” Russ Miller is a proponent of creationism, and more specifically, the doctrine that the earth was made by God in six literal days. Miller has a collection of videos on CreationES Ministries’ youtube channel, where he states his case for six-day creation and creationism itself using historical, geological, and philosophical evidence. Miller defends various other claims the Bible makes, and states that while some people may claim to have found errors in the Bible, he would say that our human understanding cannot grasp it. Using information from scientists he quotes and reaffirms many hotly debated biblical claims, and there are many out there like him arguing similar points.


Miller began the Creation Evolution and Science Ministry in 2000 after his life was changed. He states that, “”I was on my road to Damascus when, at the age of 30, I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to return to Him.” Miller grew up in a Christian home, but strayed in his college years and pursued his ambitions as baseball player. At the age of 30, he began attending church with his family. As he heard the message of different creation speakers, he decided he needed to share that message as well. Russ reflects; “When I saw the overwhelming facts which destroy Darwinism and ‘millions of years’ beliefs, combined with the facts which support the biblical accounts of creation and the global flood, I realized that I, and billions of others, had been fooled.” He gave his management business to a co-worker and began to work with the Creation Evolution and Science Ministry by sharing his knowledge online and through lectures. “The philosophy of CESM is to present everyone with the pro’s and con’s and let everyone decide for themselves, because the answer should be clear.

For more information on Miller’s view of the theory of evolution as well as other topics surrounding it, check out his website at the CESM webpage. He answers difficult questions such as, ‘why is a monkey’s anatomy so similar to a humans?’ How can so many scientists be wrong about Darwinian evolution?”, and “why did dinosaurs become extinct?” On his web page Miller states, “”We don’t tell people what to think; rather, we present the facts from science and the Bible, then through The Holy Spirit, those with ears to hear will hear, and those with eyes to see will see.”

Miller’s stance on such controversial issues is admirable; he shares evidence to support his beliefs and respects the rights of others to make up their own mind. He is clear about his stance and even goes into great detail to explain why, but he recognizes that not everyone will agree with him. Miller is a great example of how to openly share your ideas in the world of controversial issues while respecting all parties involved. It is important to keep in mind that Miller does not try to force his ideas on people, but he also stands up for what he believes. For more information about what the Bible says about creation and other topics, check out these Bible commentaries from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. They are a great resource for discovering what God’s Word has to say.


Since the beginning of history, mankind has searched for the answers to life’s tough questions; ‘how did we get here?’ and ‘what happens after we die?’ By studying the research of the experts like Russ Miller, we can find out all that we can to formulate a conclusion. When engaging in such a discussion about controversial topics, it is important to remember the example of Miller, who shares his view passionately and wholeheartedly and with respect to all parties involved. If you are wondering about whether creationism or evolution is ultimately true, you should take a look at the resources that Russ Miller provides in order to reach a conclusion.

© Ethan Flattery 2013

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