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Christian Parents and Holidays

Author: Charles Stanley

How can a Christian parent keep a proper perspective in the celebration of certain holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween?

I think the time has come for Christians to rethink our participation in, and celebration of, certain calendared events such as Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.

We live in a changing society where everything we believe is being challenged, scrutinized, and ridiculed by a pagan segment of our society.

With the explosion of witchcraft, Satan worship, and the many manifestations of demonic activity, Christians should shun the celebration of Halloween. It is no longer child’s play, but has become an opportunity for those involved in all types of ungodly, evil, sadistic, and cultic practices to shrewdly and publicly gain acceptance. Have you noticed how many adults are now dressing in costumes and playing the part

There is nothing Christian about it. It has no place in the life of the Christian home with its emphasis on the other spirit world.

Now when it comes to Christmas and Easter, it is easy to get out of balance in our views and deny our children some pleasures which are not in any way destructive. For the Christian, our celebration of Christmas is the glorious celebration of the birthday of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Early in their life, our children should be instructed in the true meaning of this season. Christ is what Christmas is all about for the believer. No, the church did not begin the celebration of Christmas the year after Christ’s birth. There is no doubt that the idea of Santa Claus was not instituted from a biblical conviction. What we have made of the Christmas season could not be pleasing to Christ.

Our objection to the materialism that has engulfed what for many of us is a holy season will probably not bear much influence in our present greedy society. We must individually choose to make it a time of worship and thanksgiving.

But what about Santa Claus

In my many years as a Christian, I have never met anyone who refused to accept Christ because they once believed in Santa Claus. Children discover the truth about Santa early. It is your responsibility as a parent to teach your children the real meaning of Christmas. If you are going to play Santa Claus, do it wisely. Don’t allow Santa to take the place of the Savior in your celebration of our Lord’s birth.

And then there is Easter.

I agree that eggs, bunny rabbits, new clothes, and more debt have nothing whatsoever to do with our celebration of the resurrection of Christ. I could take up space tracing these holidays back to their original origins which are not Christian.

Explain the true meaning as a believer

Christian parents should clearly explain the true meaning of the Easter season as believers celebrate it. Don’t mix Christ with rabbits. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with an Easter egg hunt. Just keep everything in its proper perspective. There is nothing spiritual about a colored egg. But there is something glorious about an empty tomb. The key is separating the spiritual from the play.

We can either become very legalistic, or we can be wise in our treatment of these occasions. As you walk in His Spirit, He will guide you to wisely train up your children to be godly young men and women able to discern truth from error.


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