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Chi Alpha Student Receives Sight

Author: The Journey Online Team

A Chi Alpha student was recently healed of a blind eye during a women’s small group meeting at Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, Mo.

“The healing was amazing, ” says Lindsay Myers. “I could feel God’s hand at work on me. Two women had their hands on my eye, and I could feel a tingling sensation. I knew it was God working.”

Since birth, Myers’ left eye has suffered from a condition called “micro” eye. As a result, she started wearing glasses from the time she was 3 years old until when she was a freshman in high school.

“I was told there was nothing that they could do for me,” Myers says. “My eye would just continue to get worse as I got older.”

Although Myers had never sought healing before attending the Chi Alpha Bible study, she had already seen God work a miracle in the life of a friend.

“A friend of mine had been healed of cancer,” says Myers. “I knew that God was still on the throne and could still heal people.”

Myers’ sight is being gradually restored in her left eye. Among the first things she has been able to see were faces in candlelight and the time on her alarm clock. God is a God of healing, compassion, and love

“I am so excited about the day that I wake up and can see perfectly,” Myers says. “God is a God of healing, compassion, and love. I am standing on His Word, and I am claiming healing every day.”

According to Chi Alpha Campus Missionary, Joe Zickafoose, “God is using university students every day to reveal his power and glory on campus.”


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