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How to Become an Everyday Hero

Author: Angela Craig

It is hard to get past the tragedies of this week.

I would like to write about something warm and fuzzy, maybe a new puppy or a Chia Pet. But that would not be the reality that any of us are living in at the moment. We are faced with unanswerable and raw questions.
One prominent rhetorical question that has been spinning in my mind is: How does good triumph over evil?

The answer is you and me. We are the ones that will become everyday heroes and triumph over evil.

This morning, I was listening to Erwin McManus teach from the book of Exodus. In this story of Moses and the Israelites, it is clear that when God has a mission to accomplish, He works through people to achieve it. God’s plan is still the same today; He wants to work through you and me to move the world away from evil and closer to Him.

Steps to becoming an everyday hero:

1) You must be willing (Exodus 35:5). Heroes are not perfect; but they are willing to bring whatever they have to the table.

2) You must utilize the skills God has given you (Exodus 35:10). So many of us are trying to be like someone else instead of who God created us to be. Or we are just plain lazy. We are each called to be who we are, in the place that God has put us; no more and no less.

3) To be a hero, your heart must be moved to action (Exodus 35:21).

4) When there are days filled with fear and uncertainty, everyday heroes trust in the power of a Holy God that they are filled with “skill, ability and knowledge” to accomplished the tasks in front of them (Exodus 31:3 NIV).

What would happen to our world if everyone who had a heart to trample evil and was willing to give of their time and abilities while relying on the Spirit of God to accomplish this mission, moved into action?

Exodus chapter 36 tells us the exciting outcome. When people gave there was so much abundance, Moses had to “restrain the people from bringing and giving more” (verse 6-7)!

Can you imagine a world where there is so much good happening you are turned down for your offer of generosity? If you can imagine this world of hope, will you join me in become an everyday hero that brings this world love instead of hate? I dare you to give until you get turned down!

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