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Backward is the New Forward

Author: Jason Cooper

Gaining perspective

Have you ever considered how your perspective would change if what you experienced actually happened backward? Think about the movie Madagascar. If the events happened in reverse, it would be about a group of animals who get fed up with dancing lemurs, lock themselves up in boxes and ship themselves to a zoo. Lol. It wouldn’t make any sense! However, as believers, “living backwards” is just the perspective we need to have and prayer and fasting helps you begin to understand that living backward is the new forward.

Followers of Christ live in a system that is backward from the current culture we live in. Our natural experiences flow from start to finish, beginning to end, and from sun up to sun down. But our spiritual reality is the total opposite and this is the manifesto of Christianity.

Jesus said, “My way of living life is backwards” (referencing John 18:36)

When you understand that heaven’s system functions differently from the earth’s system, and then apply this to your thinking, you’ll then see that the role you play in this movie called life tells a totally different story.


As we are on this journey together of prayer and fasting, I want you to begin to see these scriptures come to life that will help you in 2017 live this year backwards.

People can’t walk on fire and not be consumed. But in God’s system, not even the smell of smoke will be on your clothes. (referencing Isaiah 43:2)

I am a whole new person with a whole new life even when my life hasn’t changed. (referencing 2 Corinthians 5:17)

I am totally and completely forgiven even when I mess up really bad. (referencing 1 John 1:9)

The way that I physically look is perfect even when my mind tells me something different. (referencing Psalm 139:14)

In God’s system, even things that typically would cripple us can be redeemed and the opposite occurs. Do not get discouraged! Think backwards! You may have been handed rejection or an even more devastating fate, but that matters little in God’s system. Child of God, even the rejection you experienced wasn’t meant to eliminate you. It was meant to elevate you.

Trust in this backward system and your life will always move forward.

Pastor Jason Cooper is the lead pastor of CityReach Schenectady. He and his wife, Danielle, began CityReach Schenectady March 2015 with CityReach Network. His messages impact, inspire and connect people to Jesus.

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