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No One Can Serve Two Masters

Central Thought: God-not money-must have first place. First Samuel gives account of the capture of the ark of…


More Compassion than Dogs

Today’s Scripture: Luke 16:20-21 Central Thought: God wants his people to show compassion. Imagine with me the rich…


God Guards Your Back

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 78:66 Central Thought: We don’t have to worry about taking revenge on our enemies; judgment…


Give Me a Break

Today’s Scripture: Luke 15:16 Central Thought: If you need a break in life, the Father is waiting to…


Fame Belongs Only to God

Today’s Scripture: Luke 14:11 Central Thought: The way to go higher in God’s kingdom is to go lower.…


Be Ready!

Today’s Scripture: Luke 12:40 Central Thought: A believer’s life needs to reflect a readiness for the Lord’s return.…

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