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Charles Harris

Dr. Charles Harris is a recently retired Profes­sor of Bible and Pastoral Ministries as well as the Chairman of the Division of Church Ministries at Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. He was associated with the college for thirty-eight years. In addition to his duties as an educator, Dr. Harris is also an author. His writings have appeared in The Sunday School Counselor, God's Word for Today, and The Adult Teacher. Among his works are three books, What's Ahead, Proofs of Christianity, and Under the Glass: An Analysis of Church Structure, as well as a commentary on Second Corinthians in The Complete Biblical Library. He was a contributing author of Power Encounter, A Pentecostal Perspective. Dr. Harris holds a bachelor's degree in Bible, a master's degree in counseling, and a doctorate in education.

Articles by: Charles Harris


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In its concern for the widow, the economy of Israel provided the foundation for the Christian Church in…


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Understandably, the loss of a companion whom one has selected as a partner in marriage for life shatters…


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The Life of the Widow – Part 2: The Grieving Process

Scholars, both sacred and secular, have given much attention to the subject of the grieving process in recent…


The Life of the Widow – Part 3: Physical and Mental Considerations

Wesley Teterud says, “A widow’s health is at a higher risk of declining during the first few years…


The Life of the Widow – Part 1: God’s Love for Her

I am a widower of more than six years now. The pain of saying goodbye to my sweetheart…

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