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Am I Safe?

Author: The Journey Online Team

Have you wondered what’s been going on lately?

Do your parents seem worried, like something is wrong? Have you heard big people talking about airplanes, big buildings, and people fighting or getting hurt?

Well, it’s true. Some bad people did some really bad things, but you don’t have to be afraid. They won’t come to your house. Our police, firefighters, and soldiers will protect you. So will your teachers, and especially your parents. So you are very safe.

God’s Protection

And here is some really good news. God loves you, and He can take care of you better than anyone. God tells us in His book, the Bible, that He is the One who made you. And someday you can go to heaven to live with Him forever. Yes, bad people do bad things sometimes. But so do all of us. That bad stuff in us is called “sin” and it needs to be taken away. When you ask Him, God will take away your sin and forgive you of all the bad things you’ve done. He will make you safe forever.

But He can do that only for people who believe in His Son, Jesus. Jesus willingly took your punishment for sin. He died, was buried, came alive again and was seen by many people. The Bible says that when you believe in Jesus and trust in what He did, you have life forever (John 3:16).

Today you can choose to believe Jesus died and rose again for you. If you haven’t, why not do it right now? Just pray a prayer like this:

Dear God, I’m a little scared, so please protect me. I’m sorry for the bad things I’ve done, called sins. Please forgive me for those. I believe Jesus died for me on the cross. And I believe He rose again to let me live with Him forever. Thank you for making me safe. Amen.

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