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A Prayer of Faith

Author: The Journey Online Team

After my wife and I returned from New Caledonia,

I was asked to speak at a missionary service at Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. Dr. Charles Harris was the moderator for that evening. Several students from AGTS had visited the service, one of which was my future son-in-law.

I had a very bad headache that evening before the service. I had considered canceling, but I decided to speak and trust God for help. Before the service, several students met in a classroom to pray. I remember standing up with a number of students who were praying around me. One student was a young girl who I believed prayed a prayer of faith. When they began to pray and an individual touched me, my headache immediately left, never to return.

I believe God healed my headache because someone, possibly this young girl, prayed a prayer of faith on my behalf. The Bible basis for the prayer of faith is found in James 5:15 in connection with sick believers in the church. This is a prayer offered to God with a sincere, childlike faith.

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