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A Friend of Mankind

Author: Dave Beroth

In the sun-drenched high desert town of Taos, New Mexico, there’s an old cemetery. To enter, you pass under an ancient iron arch that reads “The Cemetery of the Notables.“ The gravestones mark the remains of politicians and business and civic leaders.

The most prominent grave-site marks the final resting place of the famous Wild West cowboy Kit Carson. Not far from there sits a much smaller gravestone almost lost in the grass. The name on the marker reads “The Reverend F. F. Thomas” with this brief inscription “A friend of mankind.” Somebody said, “l love mankind, it’s people I can’t stand.” Have you noticed that people can be irritating at times? Occasionally it’s hard to love the people we love and regularly it not so easy to love difficult people.

C.S. Lewis in his work, The Four Loves, Lewis suggests that Christian love is the most costly investment you will ever make. Love gets its hands dirty. It takes chances. It goes out on a limb. Love does the unexpected, surprising and stirring. Love makes a statement and leaves a legacy. Love leaves an impression on the soul of man. In the end the goal of a Christ follower’s life is love. To love God with full devotion and to love others as we love ourselves. To fail in this we have missed the opportunity to be a friend of mankind. The Reverend Thomas lived in such a way people felt they were his friend.

Four ways you can befriend others:

  1. Connect with others without wanting something in return.
  2. Be open to a conversation.
  3. Show up and help people.
  4. Be grateful for others and say thank you.

Who will you befriend today?

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