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Why We Plant Churches

Author: Brian Bolt

In less than 6 weeks, over 20 CityReach Churches will be launching in different locations from Ashland, KY to Brossard, Quebec.

As I was praying for these fall launches, I was reminded of the WHY…

Why are we doing this? Why do we plant churches?


We have a bold passion to “reach the one.” The child who needs a role model. The father looking for guidance to lead his family. The lost man or woman who has never heard the name of Jesus. The individual bound by an addiction or battling an illness. The unwanted, the unloved or the misfit. Church planting is all about reaching that one person that needs to hear the hope of the gospel message. We look at a new church plant and we see opportunity and possibility. We believe that lives will be saved as people meet Jesus Christ. We believe that chains will be broken as they encounter the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that men and women will realize and fulfill their God-given destinies.


When we plant churches, it changes the future. We aim to reach the one, but reaching that ‘one’ has a ripple effect – a domino effect. When a man or a woman experiences the life-changing power of Jesus, a fire to tell others ignites within them. He or she becomes a conduit of change affecting the people around them, their families, friends and the next generation.

Psalm 22:31 says “they will proclaim His righteousness, declaring to a people yet unborn: He has done it!”

This is why we plant churches: it changes lineages, bloodlines, and generations to come.


Planting churches provides opportunities for new leaders to be raised up and makes room for the next leader, and the next leader, and the next leader, to step out and take hold of God’s call on their life. New leaders become empowered to walk in their destinies and fulfill their potential in Christ. We have seen God use unlikely people in overlooked places for extraordinary things. Church planting creates a space for this to happen.

Join with me in prayer for these fall launches and believe with me for the ‘domino-effect of life change’ to take place within these communities.

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