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Where Did Life Come From?

Author: Russ Miller

Darwinists claim life arose after a Big Bang led to a big rock. Then rain formed oceans on the rock and from which life somehow arose.

As a result of this naturalistic philosophy being imposed upon researchers, many roadblocks to real science have been erected. For example, real science reveals no way that nature could allow complex, living systems to develop from non-living matter.

Due to this dilemma, most Darwinian-influenced biologists try to separate the origin of life, often referred to as chemical evolution, from discussions of biology. Their religious adherence to Naturalism leaves them no other choice but believe in that which is in direct conflict with established scientific facts and mathematical probability.

Though experiments requiring massive amounts of human intelligence in closely monitored labs, replicating conditions not found in nature, have been able to produce a few of the non-living amino acids that are found in living things, humans have come nowhere near to creating life.

First, they had to isolate the acids or the conditions which made them would quickly destroy them. Also, the 20 types of amino acids found in life form in right and left-handed versions. Any forming in a natural setting would end up with a 50-50 mixture of right and left-handed varieties. Yet in life the mixture must be left-handed only, with all right-handed nucleotide sugars (only a few rare exceptions) and there is no known natural process that can produce only left-handed amino acids.

Some Darwinian zealots, recognizing the impossibility that life spontaneously generated on its own, are suggesting life began elsewhere and was dropped off on earth by aliens, meteors or by some other unknown process. This shifts the problem to where it cannot be tested and to where it won’t pose as big an embarrassment to Secularists.

Believers know that, In the beginning God created.

Russ Miller - Founder of

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