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Time for a Change

Author: Russ Miller

One rainy day, I was standing across the street from the Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. As I stood there, I watched a long line of yellow school buses drop off hundreds of students at the museum’s marbled entryway.

There the innocent children entered under a 60-foot tall banner, strung between beautiful white pillars, which invited them to visit the multi-million dollar “Celebrate Darwin” display. Never having seen any actual proof of Darwinism in action, I ventured in to see what new and enlightening discoveries were being touted. The exhibits were fabulous. Meticulous artwork, colorful displays….but no evidence of Darwinian change. What I found, not surprisingly, were examples of biblically correct micro-adaptations and allusions to Darwinian evolution. The old bait-and-switch con game.

As I wandered through re-created specimens of extinct animals, I noticed a teacher pointing to an evolutionary tree of life that was painted onto a wall. I moved closer and overheard him say, “As you can see by following this black line, we are related to dogs. We were once dogs ourselves.”

Change is Needed

Polls reveal that 85% of Christian kids leave the Church by the age of twenty. As I looked at the dozens of kids being cleverly indoctrinated, I was saddened to think that many of them have loving Christian parents who have no idea what is occurring.

Today’s Church has more Youth and College Pastors than ever before, yet 85% of our own children are leaving the Church. We have more video games, praise bands, fun activities, and easy to use teaching curriculum, yet we are losing them. Perhaps it is time for a change.

Perhaps it is not a matter of what we ARE doing or what we ARE teaching. Maybe the problem is what we are NOT doing and what we are NOT teaching.

Before the last empty sanctuary door is bolted closed, perhaps we need to begin standing firm for the uncompromised Word of God? Perhaps we need to begin making Scripture relevant by teaching both children and adults how God’s Word fits perfectly with the physical world in which we live?

The Submerging Church Eroded and Made Irrelevant by Compromise, is my fourth book. In this writing, I employ Scripture to address the state of the Church and I offer practical solutions that Christian parents, teachers, leaders, and pastors can take to make a positive change. Visit to learn more.

Perhaps God will use you and me to make a difference.

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