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Overcoming Brokenness

Author: The Journey Online Team

Life often brings events or situations that leave us feeling empty and broken. But, we can move past brokenness and experience the joy of living again. It won’t be easy, but the broken feeling I have today does not need to define my life forever.

“We both felt like life itself had broken…”

When I was a young man, my wife and I faced real battles trying to have a second child. My wife miscarried two times and doctors were not hopeful that we would ever have another baby. We both felt real confusion and sorrow. We both felt like life itself had broken and we were left with only the pieces.

There are Few Easy Answers

Many people tried their best to help us. Some offered “easy” answers that left us feeling worse than before. The answer we needed wouldn’t come from well-wishing people, but from God.

“Jesus made the difference for us”

In those broken moments, God became real to us. He spoke words of peace to us when we prayed and He reminded us that His one and only Son, Jesus, came to give us life, abundant life! Our situation was still difficult, but as we cried out to Jesus, He gave us a sense of peace. We discovered new hope. It was not easy. Sometimes we fell back into old thoughts of hopelessness, but after a time, hope overwhelmed our sorrow.

In our case, God answered with both hope and a healthy baby boy. In fact, within 5 years, we had four children! Many times, my wife and I have discussed those moments of hopelessness. We both agree that without Jesus, we might have seen everything we loved disappear! Jesus made the difference for us by bringing us hope and joy in the midst of our brokenness and sorrow.

God Gives Hope

Perhaps you feel hopelessness today because of losing a job. Perhaps your marriage ended in divorce. Perhaps you have longed for a child but still wait for an answer. God can give you hope just as He did for my wife and me. It begins by crying out to God for help, not only for your brokenness but for new life that only Jesus can give.

Jesus knows that we live in a broken world. He understands that we do things that create even more brokenness in our lives. God is perfect and the wrong things we do create a problem in our relationship with Him. Jesus solved that problem by giving His life up for us on the cross. When He rose again, He provided for our forgiveness and gave us hope for a better life. When we ask Him for forgiveness, He gives us new life and hope for day to day living.

It all begins with a prayer:

“Jesus, I am broken. I cannot fix my life without your help. You are my creator. I give you mybrokenness, my sins, and my life. I receive your gift of wholeness and salvation. Jesus, stay close to me. Hold me in Your hands and give me joy and strength to seek after You every day. Show yourself real to me and restore my life. Amen.”

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