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No Favorites

Author: Richard J. Bennett

Today’s Scripture: Romans 2:1-11

Central Thought: God is an impartial Judge.

Have you ever been accused of playing favorites? If you have more than one child, you probably have.

If we are honest, we all probably play favorites in certain situations, whether it is because we like one person better than we do others or because we find someone more dependable than others. But if we are not careful, favoritism can lead to resentment, bitterness, and actions that can ruin friendships and tear apart families.


Unlike human beings, God does not show partiality. He judges fairly. Paul stated that God “will render to each one according to his works” (Romans 2:6). If a person is self-seeking and does evil, he or she can look forward to “wrath and fury” (verse 8) and “tribulation and distress” (verse 9). If a person strives to live in obedience to God and to do good, he or she can anticipate receiving “eternal life” (verse 7) and “glory and honor and peace” (verse 10).

Knowing God is an impartial Judge can give you the confidence you need to fight the good fight and live each day for God. You can trust God not to play favorites.

Devotional Prayer: God, knowing that You are an impartial Judge gives me the confidence to obey Your Word and to do good even in trying and tempting circumstances.

Today’s Bible Reading: 1 Chronicles 16:37-18:17; Romans 2:1-24; Psalm 10:16-18; Proverbs 19:8-9

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