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My Life is a Mess!

Author: Nancy A. Stevens

“How could this have happened? What am I going to do?” Jacob sat with his head in his hands.

Caleb searched for words to console his friend, but none came.

After several minutes, Jacob continued. “Emily’s filed for divorce. She changed all the locks. I can’t even get inside my own house. When I came home yesterday I found all my clothes on the front lawn.”

Caleb thought back to two months ago, the last time he had seen Jacob. The contrast between then and now was startling.

“You’re working too hard, Jacob,” Caleb had remarked to his racquetball partner as he tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey, I’ll do whatever it takes to get ahead. You go around only once in life. I plan to do it in style–nothing but the best for my family and me. Next week I’m buying a bigger boat, and Emily has her eye on a new BMW. I’m making a killing on the stock market.”

“But Jacob, there are more important things than material possessions. What if the stock market suddenly drops and you lose everything? Or a tornado demolishes your house?

“That won’t happen. I know what I’m doing. Everything will work out. You worry too much.”

Jacob’s self-confidence had been so high, but now he was a broken man.

“What happened” Caleb asked his friend.

“Six months ago I got a second mortgage on the house so I could buy a thousand shares of a stock that I had carefully researched and I was sure would soar in value. Everything was going according to my plan. The value of the stock increased every week. But two weeks ago the stock plummeted and I lost $50,000 in one day! How could I have been so wrong?”

“What did Emily say when you told her the news?”

“She called me a loser and threw me out of the house. She won’t even let me talk to the kids. I’ve lost my family, my house, and my boat. Everything I worked for is gone. I don’t know what to do. How can I go on?”

Perhaps, as Jacob experienced, life has come crashing down around you. With high hopes you invested your time, your health and strength, and your resources, but the rewards that you expected have not materialized. Someone may have promised you wonderful results, but in the end all you received was disappointments and denials.

God specializes in new beginnings.

Give Him your damaged life with all its pain–your shattered dreams, broken promises, unrealized goals, and devastating disappointments. In return He will give you hope in place of despair, beauty instead of ashes. He loves you and wants only what is best for you. Why not try God? What have you got to lose?


Father, I’m in a terrible situation. Please forgive me for my mistakes. I accept Jesus as my Savior. Become the Lord of my life, because I need you. I realize that I can’t change the past, but I want the rest of my life to count for You. I give You control of my life and ask You to guide me each day.

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