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Made for More: Part 2

Author: Dave Beroth

Lately, I am aware of two influences competing for my attention. In fact, I believe you have experienced this as well – the voice of less and the voice of more warring for your favor.

The voice of less tells us what we cannot be, cannot do. It reminds us of our failings and tells us that we can never overcome them. The voice of less is determined to define us by our past.

The voice of more calls us beyond that. It calls us to hope, to forgiveness. The voice of more is the voice of redemption.

Why do we listen to the voice of less?

The young man in Mark 10 made the choice to listen to the voice of less. When he walked away, he missed his invitation from Jesus to:

1. Submit to the Authority of Jesus

Submission to Jesus means believing His message (the voice of more) over any others.

What other messages do you tend to believe instead?

What makes those messages so attractive?

2. Participate in the Strategy of Jesus

Reflect for a moment: who in your life has been the voice of more?

How can you be the voice of more in the lives of people around you this week?

What is your crucial role in the strategy of Jesus?

3. Believe and Act on the Promises of Jesus

What promises do you need to be reminded of this week?

What is keeping you from acting on those promises and trusting God?

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