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The Lies That Make Us Feel Insignificant

Author: The Journey Online Team

Avery should have had a picture perfect life. She grew up in a home where she had all of her basic needs met. She knew love and was able to go to school. School is where her troubles with emptiness began!

Children teased her without mercy. They called her names. They bullied her to the point that one girl nearly drowned her just to be mean.  As she grew older, she began to believe the harsh things people said about her. She was never popular, never had friends, never felt like she was acceptable.

Things began to change after Avery left high school. She left her old nicknames behind. No one judged her by the past. Nevertheless, Avery was still stuck believing that she was unacceptable. She felt empty inside and it hurt. It hurt Avery deeply.

While at the university, Avery met the man who would become her husband. She felt more affirmed and confident, but somehow, she still battled with feelings of insignificance that no one could take away.

Was it hopeless? Not at all! Avery found a way past her feelings when she and her husband discovered new life in Jesus Christ.  In Jesus, Avery discovered that until now, her life was built on lies that convinced her that she was worthless, unacceptable and unlovable!

She met Jesus, He convinced her that she was worth so much that He would die in her place so that all of the bad things she had ever thought or done would be wiped away from God’s memory. Avery found forgiveness and peace in Jesus Christ.

Avery makes a great point about people who battle with low self-esteem. She believes that feelings of insignificance cause people to become more self-centered, more self-consumed, more complicated. Sounds odd right? But, the lower your opinion is of yourself, the more you will worry about what others think about you. In the end, seeing yourself as insignificant begins to consume you from the inside out.

You can find your worth in Jesus.

Perhaps wrong thinking caused by the actions of others crippled your life. Perhaps you battle feeling insignificant. Perhaps you feel lifeless, empty and unlovable too. There is a solution. You can find your worth in Jesus just like Avery and her husband!

God’s Word, the Bible teaches us that in Christ we have incredible worth. God loves each of us. He cares for you and knows all about the pain you feel each day. He sent Jesus to earth to pay the price of our failures, mistakes and frustrations. When we believe in Jesus, He fills the empty spaces in our lives. He gives us love, joy and peace.

Believing in Jesus and what He does for you is the beginning of a whole new way of thinking. Instead of being discouraged by what you are not, you become amazed by the depth of God’s love for you. The more you think about the price God paid to save you, the more you understand the worth God places on your life! You are loved! You are valued. Your life can take on a whole new meaning!

Sound good? Take the first step and pray the prayer below. Then click the button that describes what you did. Someone will contact you and show you the next steps to take as you discover your incredible worth in Jesus Christ!

It begins with a simple prayer like this:

“Dear Jesus, Please forgive me for the wrong things I have done. I ask You to change me and make me whole. I need Your help to overcome the emptiness in my life that led me to feel insignificant. I want to see myself through Your eyes. I choose to live for You. In Jesus’ name, Amen!”

If you prayed that prayer, please click the button that says: “Yes, I prayed.” We will contact you soon.


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