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God’s Plan for Marriage

Author: The Journey Online Team

Today’s Scripture – Proverbs 18:22

With this ring, I thee wed. Weddings are truly a special event. The guests, the bridal gown, the pictures, the cake, the ceremony, the music–it all adds up to one of the highlights of life. Yet, some couples find that marriage can be disappointing, and sometimes it can be utterly tragic. Since there is so much heartache in marriages today, it is time to reconsider God’s plan for marriage.

Marriage and Blessing

In today’s reading, the simple truth that the person who finds a wife finds good and receives the Lord’s favor is stated. It is far too easy to shrug off this verse without realizing its awesome impact. God’s plan for marriage is to be a place for His blessing. He cherishes marriage and even views it as an illustration of the relationship between Christ and His church.

When we consider such a lofty view of marriage, it becomes clear that we should highly value it as well. Husbands should view their wives as wonderful gifts from God, and wives should view their husbands as wonderful gifts from God as well. When we see marriage in this light, we will experience the blessing God intended for it to carry.

Devotional Prayer: “Help me, Lord, to view marriage in the same light You do.”

Read I Chronicles 71–840; Acts 271-20; Psalm 71-17; Proverbs 1822

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