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God Can Fix Your Broken Heart (Easy English)

Author: The Journey Online Team

You want to be happy. You want to be a good person. You want people to honor you. You want your children to be happy. You want a good life. This is good! But, your life is not always happy. Your friends can hurt you. You can be told to leave your work. You can be sick. You can feel the pain from what you did or said. You heart is hurting.

You feel alone when your heart is hurting. You will feel no one cares for you. You feel there is no hope. You lose your joy. You think only about the hurt in your heart.

What can you do? You may try to feel better by drinking strong drinks. You may do more work and not think about the hurt. You may lie to yourself and say you have no pain. The hurt is still there.

You must find someone who can remove your hurt and heal your heart. I know the only One who can heal your heart. His name is Jesus Christ.

Jesus lived with a hurting heart. People said lies about him. Some people said He had a bad spirit in Him. His friends walked away from Him. Some people hurt his heart. Jesus did not say bad words about them. He did what God the Father told him to do. Jesus loved people even when they hurt Him.

Jesus wants you to give him your hurting heart. He wants you to obey Him. He wants you to be His friend. If you love Him will all your heart and mind then your heart will be healed. If you give yourself to Jesus Christ then He will be with you always.
Is your heart hurting? Come to Jesus. Believe in Him as the Son of God. He will heal your heart. He will give you a new life.

Pray with me if you want to move from a hurting heart to a healed heart.

“Dear Jesus, please forgive me for not doing what you want me to do. Help me to obey you. I give my life to you. Please take away the hurt and heal my heart. Thank you.”

If you prayed to Jesus to fix your broken heart, please contact us by clicking the “I Prayed” button below. We would love to hear your story.



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