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Are You Maximizing Your Resources?

Read Luke 16:1-31


Are you making the most of your resources and relationships? When you’re with Christians, are you taking full advantage of opportunities to worship and serve? Are you sharpening your God-given gifts and helping others to grow and excel with theirs? And when you’re around those who don’t know Jesus, are you doing all you can to influence them positively? To show them what Jesus is like, and to inspire them to consider Christ for themselves?


Why did the master commend the dishonest servant? (Luke 16:8) Rather than approving of dishonesty, what was Jesus teaching instead? In what ways do worldly people sometimes do more with their abilities, resources and relationships than godly people? How should the way Christians handle their resources and relationships differ from the practices of people who don’t follow Christ? (Luke 16:9) What does Jesus mean when He says to use your worldly wealth to gain friends?

How does being trustworthy with possessions relate to spiritual issues? (Luke 16:11) How can a person become a slave to money, and how does this relate to one’s relationship with God? (Luke 16:13) How do God’s values differ from what people typically value? (Luke 16:15) Even though Jesus’ main emphasis is not on the law, what does verse 17 indicate about the importance of God’s law? In what ways does Jesus’ teaching call you to an even higher standard than the law? (Luke 16:18) What does the story of the rich man and Lazarus indicate about how our life choices and circumstances now can affect eternity?


Ask God to help you be wise and responsible with the gifts, resources and opportunities He’s given you. Pray that you’ll keep worldly resources in perspective, using them to honor God and to influence other people for eternity.


In all of your interaction today with people–particular those who don’t likely follow Jesus–do something to influence them in a positive way. Show simple kindness to all. Befriend those who could use encouragement, and include them in your activities with Christians friends. Initiate spiritual conversations with anyone who is open.

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