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Dealing with Brokenness

Author: The Journey Online Team

Imagine you are standing in a room. It is the fanciest room that you have ever been in. You are surrounded by marble floors, high ceilings, and wonderful artwork on the walls. In the center is a very beautiful vase on a white stone pedestal.

You are drawn to the vase. It looks expensive and the artwork is exceptional. You reach out and touch the smooth finish, pick it up and inspect it. It is old, heavy, beautiful, and feels great in your hands. You admire the craftsmanship. Oh, what it would be like to own a vase like that!

You stop and die a little inside

You replace the vase as gently as possible, putting it back onto the pedestal and making sure it is safe. Just as you are about to step away, you see the vase tip and start to fall. Like slow-motion, you try and reach for it to keep it safe and protected from falling. It slips through your fingers and shatters on the cold, marble ground. As the pieces scatter throughout the room, shattering sounds echo through your heart. You stop and die a little inside.

You just broke the most beautiful vase you have ever seen.

As you stare at the pieces you begin to realize that vase is you. Either through your own fault or through someone else’s, you are broken. You do what anyone else does when something breaks. You pick up all the pieces and put them together in a pile. But now, it is just a pile of broken pieces. You begin to cry, scream and wail but that doesn’t help.

There is no more emotion left to feel but emptiness

The vase is still broken and no amount of frustration, anger, crying or beating yourself up is ever going to put that vase (or yourself) back together again. A cold chill of numbness enters your body. There is now no more emotion left to feel but emptiness. You think that you can glue it back together again. If only you could find the right type of glue.

You, like the vase, are just a pile of broken pieces. You may feel emotionless and worthless. However, just like the vase, you have a creator, a loving, caring God who knows you and knew you in your mother’s womb. He made you.

A potter knows the best way to repair vases because he created them. God, who created you, also knows the best way to repair you. He is the glue. He knows how to put you together so that you are stronger and less likely to break.

You decide to get the vase fixed, so you pick up all the pieces and take it to a potter. He takes them from you and slowly begins to reassemble the vase, right before your eyes. It is the same way with Jesus. He sees that you are broken. He knows you cannot cry anymore and you have nothing left to give. He is simply waiting for you, like the Potter.

He can put you back together again.

He’s waiting for you to give Him the permission to start picking up your pieces. He longs to put you back together again. I am not going to lie to you and say that you will feel better today or even tomorrow. You may feel a change immediately but you may not feel different right away.

To become whole you need to rest in your maker’s hands and trust that He can pick up all of your pieces. He knows where they need to go and how to bind them together. Just like the Potter is the best person to fix the shattered vase, your Creator is the best person to put you back together.

Please pray this prayer:

Jesus, I am broken. I cannot fix my life without your help. You are my creator. I give you mybrokenness, my sins, and my life. I receive your gift of wholeness and salvation. Jesus, stay close to me. Hold me in Your hands and give me joy and strength to seek after You every day. Show yourself real to me and restore my life. Amen.

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