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Daughters of Design – Part 4: The Design Process

Author: Erin Nicole Thompson

Part 3: Daughters of Design

Day 4: The Design Process

“Your hands made me and formed me…” Psalm 119:73a NIV

Have you ever created something from nothing? Do you craft or cook? Have you manipulated or built something with your hands?

Before my womb exploded with children, I loved to cook. I was no Iron chef but when I plated my culinary creation, I liked to dazzle the eye. The entree was delicately placed on the plate. The side dishes complimented to make the mouth water. And a little garnish was added to give it that some- thing extra. The work of my hands displayed care and connection to my culinary creation.

“Your hands made me and formed me…” (Ps. 119:73a NIV).

Throughout scripture there are references about God’s hands as it pertains to us, his creation. He wants us to know his hands fashioned us (Ps. 119:73). No one can take us from his hand (Isa. 43:13). Like clay to a potter, he molds us with his hands. (Isa. 64:8) God doesn’t literally have physical hands, yet throughout Scripture “his hands” are symbolically used to convey an immense care and intimate connection with his creation.

It paints a picture of an intricate relationship between the design and the Designer.

Have you ever pondered the time consuming care that goes into a design process? Just to name a few, the colors, materials, method, and intended function all have to be determined. The planning, preparation, and execution processes take thought, effort, and personal energy.

“And yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand” (Isa. 64:8).

Like hands shaping clay, the Father God molds us. He fashions our souls, weaves our hearts, and forms our bodies. He chooses our time and location. He forges our character and frees us from bond- age. He has plans for our days and places passions in our hearts. He demonstrates his patience as we become pliable to his work in our lives, all showing his immense care and intimate connection.

My son loves to build with Legos. When he has created something, he shows it off to everyone in the house. If a younger brother were to break it, oh the crying that ensues. He has a caring connection to his Lego creation. He delights in it and is proud of it. He looks for a “special place” to put it to keep it safe from harm.

If this is how my son feels about his Lego blocks, how much greater is the care and connection the Creator has for you? He is a marvelous Designer and you are the marvel of his design. Let us allow the touch of his fingerprint to impress his divine value on us.

Father, what a creator you are! Thank you that you mold and form us as if with your very hands. Open our eyes to our detail and design! Show us our value to you. Deepen our connection with you. May we also help others see their importance in your eyes. Love, Your Daughters

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